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Cloud Based Managed Antivirus – Why Should I Use It?

Cloud Based Managed Antivirus – Why Should I Use It?

With the constant evolving of the internet in the past number of years, it is now more convenient than ever to do anything online. Smartphones and tablets are now widely used. These are very fast becoming the platform of choice for many businesses. With this increased usage of mobile devices, also comes the risk of exposing corporate data. A vast majority of apps which we use are now also cloud based. This means that using cloud based web security is clearly the best option to protect your devices.

With the greater use of cloud based security, companies are now finding that it won’t bog down your system like traditional desktop antivirus.

We have compiled a list of five reasons which we feel you should consider using Cloud Based Managed Antivirus:

1. Reliance is reduced for users. It eliminates latency between the time a security breach is discovered. All resources are managed centrally. Collective systems are very well protected.

2. The antivirus is connected to the central server in the cloud. All scanning and updates are done both automatically and in real time.

3. There is less software involved in the scans. This means it is easier to initiate updates which are automated.

4. Cloud antivirus software is more feature rich than traditional antivirus. Intrusion detection, reporting and scans are more efficient as a result.

5. It is available on the internet meaning it can be accessed by any internet enabled device. This means companies can leverage multi tenant cloud to get security as a service.

As it is available on a seasonal basis, it helps to drive down operational costs. You can pick and choose as to whichever level of protection best suits your business.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using Cloud Based Managed Antivirus for your business, contact us today.

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