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Wix To WordPress

If you’d like to change from Wix to WordPress, speak to our team today to discuss your options

Converting Wix To WordPress

Converting to WordPress from Wix gives you greater control over your content. Converting to WordPress will enhance your pixels, giving you better quality images throughout. Our team can convert any content, and it takes a lot less time than you would think. We will always put your brand first, and remove the restraints placed on it by Wix.

Why Convert To WordPress

WordPress will outweigh Wix everytime when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. As a whole, it’s extended capabilities will help to grow your websites online presence. We achieve this by assigning unique URL’s to each page. This makes sure your site’s optimized for search engine standards. We will quote you a fair price to ensure you get the best possible results with your new WordPress website. We will also ensure a speedy process with the conversion to WordPress.

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The Conversion Process

Our first course of action will be to test your current Wix website. We then provide you with a quote for the new WordPress website. Once agreed, we will create the necessary code. This ensures that it correlates with your current brand’s look. From here we will then re-enter all content and Search Engine Optimization data. You can then review the process. Your site is now ready to launch on our hosting platform.

Why WordPress Is Better for SEO

Wix as a platform has a good selection of tools for Search Engine Optimization. WordPress has a much wider selection of tools and plugins. This makes it a clear winner, and better option in our opinion. Wix is an easy option for small businesses. Especially for those who do not envisage having high volume traffic to their website. It won’t ever match up to the capabilities that WordPress will offer you. When you are running a business with an online presence where the volume of traffic matters, you want to ensure the Google bots crawl your site correctly. You should definitely be considering using WordPress. It can cover SEO tasks as simple as image optimization and keyword linking. It can also carry out more advanced activities like content structuring and improving mobile responsiveness. Our years of experience within the WordPress platform, as well as our excellent coding skills, makes us a great choice when it comes to converting your site over to WordPress. We will make it as pain free a process as possible. This ensures you get a fast turnaround, whilst still maintaining your brands online presence.

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