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Digital Displays: What Are They?

Even if you don’t know the definition of digital signage, you probably know more about it than you think.
Digital signage is all around us. From videos at train stations, and programming in waiting areas. You can see it at check-in kiosks at the airport and maps in hotels. They are used to inform customers in businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Here’s a quick guide we have put together. It gives you a greater understanding, and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic sign. It is used to convey information to customers in a wide variety of places. It uses an LCD, LED, or projection screen to display videos and graphics. It can educate, engage, and inform nearby viewers.
Digital signage can be used across a variety of customer touch points. A business can design and change it to meet their needs. It is usually used in the following ways.

Video Display Screens

The most common digital signs are video screens. These display information through custom text, videos, animations, and graphics.

Interactive Digital Signs

With interactive digital signage, customers watch the screen and can engage with information. The sign acts as a customer touchpoint. It allows visitors to choose options, enter information, and control content.

Wayfinding Boards

Static maps don’t offer real-time updates, but digital wayfinding boards provide custom directions for visitors. They allow business owners the ability to revise and alter information at any time.

Digital Menu Boards

It’s not uncommon for restaurants to change and revise their menus. With Digital Menu Boards restaurant owners can make changes to their menus.
Digital signs can appear at all possible customer touch points within a business. es a custom experience for businesses and customers.

Where Can You Display Digital Signage?

Digital signs can appear at various locations within a business. They are usually found in the following places:

In Waiting Rooms

In Exam Rooms

At the Entrance of a Building

Around Product Displays

Near Service Counters

Near Check-Out Lines

Outside of a Business

In Dining Areas

It is important to consider the areas to place them within your business. This is usually where customers frequent the most. Having the right strategy can increase end user interaction.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Signage?

The benefits of digital signage are also vast and varied. Depending on the way you choose to use signage, you can achieve one or more of the following benefits.

Decreased Perceived Wait Time: Placing signage in a location with high footfall, can be used as a form of entertainment

Improved Communication with Customers and Employees: When using Digital Signage, it helps customers and employees to remember information.

Increased Revenue: Use it to share promotions, specials of the day, and help increase revenue in your business

Easy Content Modifications and Revisions: For businesses such as restaurants that need constant updates, it saves on the cost of ordering new signs. It can easily be updated to display the latest information.

Impressive Modern Appearance: Customers can see that you operate a modern digital, forward thinking business. Customers are more likely to interact with digital signage.

Always consider what your goals are for your business, and implement them into your signage.

What Are the Elements of Digital Signage?

The elements needed to create a digital sign are divided into three categories.

Hardware: These include monitors, internet and your chosen type of screens.

Content and Creative: This includes the content that will be displayed on the screen. It is made up of scripts, video and audio clips, graphic design, animation, and copy.

Third-Party and/or Bonus Elements: This includes content that may come from a third-party. It includes private label TV channels, custom-selected programming, custom content wraps, social media feeds, weather feeds, and news feeds.

What Type of Businesses Can Use Digital Signage?

Both big and small businesses in all industries can enjoy using digital signs.

To find out more how Digital Signage can benefit your business click here, and get in touch with us today.

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