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Digital Ocean

When it comes to cloud hosting, Digital Ocean is one of the very best platforms which you can use/ It has a fantastic uptime record. It’s costs are clear and transparent. It has been developed using an ecosystem of innovative products. It is also developer – friendly. It has Droplets, Spaces, Kubemetes and a range of managed databases. This allows us to build amazing web applications. These will make a huge difference to your customer as well as your business.

Benefits Of Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean has so many different benefits for your business. These include

1. Speed: The speed at which Digital Ocean can deliver is very fast. The servers use Solid State Disks. Their databases are also expandable. The Spaces global object storage comes with a Content Delivery Network.

2. Friendly: This is also referred to as the Developer Cloud. It gives us the opportunity to create custom hosting platforms. These platforms can be created very easily. It is also flexible. This is the reason why it is the best option for both individuals and companies.

3. Billed Monthly: One of the benefits of choosing Digital Ocean is it’s easy to use Pay As You Go costing model. Digital Ocean will bill you monthly. They are known for their transparent costs. This makes it easier for you to budget and to see a return on your investment.

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Ideal For WordPress Hosting

Digital Ocean is the perfect choice for hosting various web platforms. It is especially popular and an ideal choice for WordPress hosting. It can give WordPress a boost in speed, help to increase it’s increase and it’s security. Making it the perfect choice for WordPress. We utilise Digital Ocean on a regular basis, and mighrate, set-up and maintain many our clients websites on their hosting. We set up CDN’s, back ups and restoration procedures. We also put in place continuous integration pipelines and other business operations. Digital Ocean will guarantee to take your business to another higher level.

Digital Ocean Tools

1. Droplets: Droplets is the name given to a Linux Virtual Machine. It is a high performance piece of hardware. It allows for fast, easy and flexible Cloud computing. It can be implemented for businesses across the Globe.

2. Spaces: Spaces is object storage. This comes with Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is ready to deliver a vast amount of data. The object storage is S3 compatible. It makes scaling easy, reliable, and affordable.

3. Databases: Their databases are managed. It is a worry free database hosting. This leaves the difficulty of database administration up to Digital Ocean. It is compatible with many modules. These include MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis. It allows offers a very simple pricing platform.

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Why Choose Us

When you partner with The Forge Digital, you can rest assured, we are using the innovative platforms. Our experienced technicians work with you. They also take care of all maintenance and upkeep of your hosting. If in the unlikely event that anything should ever go wrong, you are safe in the knowledge, that we are here to help. Our infrastructure that we use, and update, guarantees you that nothing will go wrong. We are experienced, customer service friendly, and always at hand to give you advice and support.

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