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Expanding Your Office With WiFi, VOiP & Digital Signage

Expanding Your Office With WiFi, VOiP & Digital Signage

In today’s blog, we take a look at the importance of providing WiFi in your business. We look also at the advantages of adapting a VOiP telephone system, and of utilising Digital signage in your premises.
We’ll look first of all at the benefits of having business WiFi.
There are many different benefits in having WiFi for a small business. Providing customers with a top class service is a priority for all businesses. Meeting the expectations of your customers is what makes you stand out from the crowd.
Ensuring employee productivity, and providing the necessary tools for them will not only increase productivity, but will ensure you have a happy workforce.
Being able to provide fast, reliable WiFi for both your employees and customers, creates a competitive advantage for your business.
We’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons which we believe having WiFi for your business is a real must.
1: Increased Customer Satisfaction
Nowadays, customers not only want, but also expect you to provide WiFi in your business. Many industries, such as the hotel sector now realise that they will lose a lot of custom if the don’t have it. In other industries, such as doctors and salons, where there are often delays, customers have the benefit of passing time by utilising the WiFi on the mobile devices.
It also allows you the opportunity to create brand awareness in your business. Perhaps you want to let customers know of special offers etc. This can be marketed directly through the online sign up portal. It can also allow you to collate customer information (email addresses / telephone numbers) to create further marketing opportunities.
You should also look at it as not only creating a customer expectation, but also as an opportunity to connect with your customers. You are promoting your brand. And most importantly, you are engaging with them directly. Providing a more personal, and meaningful customer experience, will help to create returning customers.
Another thing to consider when you are looking at providing WiFi in your business, is that it creates opportunities for customers to post pictures and testimonials about their experience in your business. These pictures and testimonials are usually posted to social media, and can have a very positive impact for your business.
2: Promote Better Productivity
Providing great Wifi, increases productivity in the work place. When you are using cloud based apps, you can get work done from anywhere, as well as collaborate with partners across the world. The cloud backs up your data securely. This allows you to access it anywhere, no matter what happens. It will streamline your workflow. As they run on the web, they don’t require any installation time.
Another option is to use WiFi to update your current telephone system. We will be speaking about this in a section further down.
3: Happy Workforce
When you put employees in a position where they are bound to succeed, it keeps them motivated and engaged. Your team like to feel like they are been taken care of. If you’ve ever sat at a screen taking ages to load, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. If you provide your employees with high speed WiFi, they feel they can get their jobs done better.
Providing a wireless network frees up your team to find their best work space. This might be a quiet space down the hall, or a busy part of their office. By providing cloud based collaboration tools, you also increase productivity and employee satisfaction.
4: See An Increase In Your Profits
All of the benefits we have mentioned above come hand in hand with providing business WiFi. Having a great business network put in place is a great investment that will give you a great ROI in the long term. To find out more about how we can assist you in choosing the right network for your business, contact us today.
VOiP Business Services
If you have thought about changing your telephone system to a more cost effective plan, then you will probably have heard about VOiP. It appears that the vast majority of large companies worldwide now use it on a daily basis. It gives them exactly what they need to run their companies efficiently. The advice you receive however, can often be conflicting. So, we have put together a number of pointers to help you make the right decision.
1. Low Cost-Per-Call
VOiP telephone systems utilises internet protocol to make calls. They don’t use traditional telephone lines. Communication data is turned into packets and sent over an IP network. This network can be your internet connection, an IP connection to your telephone provider. Or, it could be a combination of both. There is a guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) from your telephone providers network to your office network.
With traditional phone lines, the line is taken up by two callers using it to communicate. As there are only so many lines that can be installed, calls made over landlines, are expensive. This is expecially the case if they are long distance. However, using the internet to make them dramatically reduces the cost of calls. Businesses are often given calls that are domestic and domestic long distance for free.
2. Service Mobility
If you are on the go during the day, VOiP will be of great benefit to you as well.
With a traditional phone system, the line that runs to your business is given it’s own number. If you move premises, it can be frustrating to transfer your service from one premises to another. It is also difficult to transfer numbers between locations.
When you are using a VOiP system, this hassle is eliminated. You can simply have the freedom to move without any difficulty in changing service or numbers.
3. Versatility of Features
When you use VOiP systems, you can multi task with tech savvy devices. This allows you greater productivity in your day to day working environment.
If you are on a call, and are in a queue, there are many features you can optimise. You can read voicemail to text transcriptions at the same time that have been sent to your email inbox.
You can also forward messages and voicemails. Voicemail messages can be forwarded to up to 3 people at a time.
There are many more services available. Features can be added on or easily removed.
4. Easy Conference Calls
As all calls use a converged data network, creating and participating in conference calls is very easy to do.
It is possible to take part in conference calls on a traditional system. However, you will have to pay extra if you wish to have this feature. With a VOiP system, it is a feature that is already built in, and you do not have to pay any extra to receive it.
VOiP also allows you have Video Conferences as well. This is particularly useful where some employees are located out of the office. It is very easy to set up and manage this feature.
5. Efficient Client Interaction
When you use a VOiP system, you can choose where your calls ring. You might want the first few rings in your office, and then perhaps if there is no answer, it’s redirected to a mobile device. So, no matter where you are, you will never miss an important call. This is especially efficient if you have an out of hours emergency call.
6. Reliable in a Pinch
One of the worries that new customers have when looking at making a purchase to a VOiP phone system, is that if the internet goes down, so does the ability to make and receive calls.
When you choose where to forward your calls, also means you lose no productivity should there be a power outage. You can literally have your calls redirected to any mobile or computer device.
Finally, we will take a look at the benefits of using Digital Signage in your business premises. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons to help you decide if it will benefit your business.
1. ‘The digital effect’
The first benefit is something which we like to call “The Digital Effect” This is the effect that it gets from clients, employees etc when they first see it. When you embrace technology like this, it sends out a very positive message to people. Its shows that you are forward thinking, suggest you have money to spend, and are not afraid to try new ideas for your business.
2. Save Time With Automatic Updates
One of the other benefits of Digital signage is that it can be used to replace Powerpoint presentations. It can also replace posters and notice boards. This type of media is high maintenance. Instead of having to replace posters, digital signage will automate these processes. You can also schedule the updates in advance, so that they never become outdated.
3. Inventive real-time messaging
One of the under explored benefits of Digital signage is real time messaging. On a cloud based platform, content can be updated remotely. Text on a scrolling ticker can be changed to display welcome messages or instant alerts.
4. Utilise Twitter
Another benefit not always known is Digital Signage’s support of the social media platform Twitter. More businesses nowadays are seeing the benefits of a social media presence. You can now embed a Twitter feed directly into your Digital signage. This allows you to reach a greater audience, without any additional work.
5. Share Images Instantly
As Digital signage is predominantly a visual medium, you should strongly consider utilising the sharing of images and videos. One of the other benefits with social media integration, is that you can embed your Facebook business account to display images from your gallery. Again, this can easily be done without any extra work.
6. Countdown
Digital Signage comes with a less known feature called the Countdown Timer. This is a surprisingly versatile feature. It can be used to countdown to an event you have coming up. This can be used in retail for a sale, education for exam countdown date. It could also be used in an office for sales teams to meet deadlines.
7. Timetable Feature
If you have installed Digital Signage in an educational setting, it can be used to increase punctuality of students. It can be used to display timetables. It can also be used to display the availability of waiting rooms in a corporate setting. Finally, in offices, it can be used to remind team members of forgotten events.
8. Traffic Information
Traffic information as well as transport information can be displayed on Digital signal systems. The ability to show live feeds as they are happening will be greatly appreciated by your employees when they are looking at routes to and from work.
9. Multilingual Communication
One of the great benefits of Digital signage is the ability to communicate in many different languages. This is especially useful when you are in hotels, or airports. This can also be applied in campuses where there is a multicultural student population.
10. Generate Sponsorship Revenue
When Digital Signage is deployed in strategic locations, it will engage targeted audiences. Quite often there will be third parties who will wish to advertise using your display systems. This could be used for example in a vet surgery, where pet supply companies will pay you to advertise their products. The same can be adapted for many industries across the board. this will generate sponsorship revenue and pay for the use of the Digital Signage.
If you require any further information about any of the above, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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