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Here at The Forge Digital, we supply a wide range of digital signage solutions. We can cater for SME’s and large businesses in the UK. This is regardless of industry. All our solutions are to the exact specifications of our customer requirements. Each installation comes with on going support from our experienced and accredited technicians.

The Approach We Take

Digital signage is replacing traditional forms of point of sale and advertising. This can be on buildings, bus stations, and company receptions. We offer end to end provision of digital signage. The integration we offer will be efficient, and gives you a quality high end product. We provide you with design and installation to your exact specifications. We can also provide training and support as standard across all our installations. We will create bespoke digital signage solutions for your business. We use only the latest in industry leading suppliers.


We provide bright and engaging imagery for your business
Using video, audio and touch screen solutions increases user engagement
All our solutions will outweigh in quality any existing older solutions in place
We guarantee to update any content in an efficient manner
Display different content based on the time of day, day of the week for more relevant displays.

Signage In A Digital Age

The use of digital signage has revolutionised how we advertising. It provides end users with a range of dynamic media. These include video / audio. It is now the favourite chosen form of advertising for many companies worldwide. It also helps with your brand awareness, and gets vital information across to the end user.

Audio Visual Equipment 

Here at The Forge Digital, we specialise in the wider market of Audio visual installation. We will supply and service both public and private sector. We can provide you with a wide range of AV equipment. This aims to ensure that there are no issues with any technology used. It also makes sure that your meetings are supported.

Booking System Solutions

We also provide and install solutions which allow end users to book a meeting room. Our advanced technology integrate with modern platforms used everyday within the workplace. These include Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar. They can be used for room bookings regardless of the facilities size. Our solutions give greater user visibility. Details of the meeting room will be displayed on the door.

Interactive White Board Solutions

White board technology is fast becoming one of the most used pieces of technology. The popularity of this means that the writing is now on the wall for traditional methods. Delivered in four dimensional displays, it combines audio, video, and screen sharing tools

Video Wall Solutions

We are a market leading supplier and installer of video wall technology. Using the World’s leading manufacturers, we will help you make a huge impact in your meeting spaces. All our installations are in High Definition. They relay targetted messages, showing proven engagement with your customers and visitors alike

Our Services

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Bitdefender Managed Antivirus

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Digital Signage Solutions

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Why Work With Us


Everyone Is Welcome

We don’t mind if you are a one man band just starting out, or a business who has been going for years. We are here to support everyone to promote their vision in the best way possible.

Affordable Pricing

Getting the right technology and promoting your business should not break the bank. We offer this along with great customer service with experienced staff for an affordable price for you.

Small Business United

It can be hard as a small business getting noticed, that is why we believe in small businesses working together while benefiting financially. To find out more visit us here

Latest Generation Technology

We know it is possible for most business to work remotely which is why we offer the support to help make that possible using the latest technology. We offer management and training for a wide range of the latest technology and services such as development, marketing and cloud technologies services.

Amazing Customer Service

We know it can be stressful that is why we try and make it as easy as possible. The team here have years of experience and are all here to help make your business a success. There is no problem to big and no stupid questions. Just let us know what your vision is and we are here to make it happen. Find out more about the team below

Our Happy Customers

We just had our business website revamped by The Forge Digital with exceptional service, outstanding developer team and fantastic support through-out. Everything was done for me with little to no input from myself. Great job, Many thanks!

Alex Carter

I have used The Forge Digital exclusively for several years now for excellent web and server hosting. Great support, very competitive pricing and features offered. Very happy with the value for money, can’t fault them.

James Littlewood

I have been with The Forge Digital for a few years now and I’m really happy with them. Nothing is too much trouble and they are quick to get me back up and running if anything goes wrong. I would and do recommend them 🙂

Karl Adams

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