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Magento Development

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Magento Development

Here at the Forge Digital we take a data-driven approach to design and development. This is important in creating an engaging ecommerce experience. This will help to convert customers into making a sale. We take a strong commitment into ensuring your business will grow. Your Account Manager will provide ideas. They will make suggestions for you to create more sales. This in turn will increase your orders. It will also help to keep your customers in the long term.

Full Bespoke Design

We only use custom development when creating any Magento website. This is a core need in the development process. Our team can develop bespoke modules to suit your individual business needs. This can range from running reports through to new functionalities. This will help in the management of making your store more streamlined.

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Account Management

As an effective team, we understand the need to provide you with a dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be your main point of contact. This will be throughout the entire development and design process. They will offer you advice and make suggestions based on your individual needs. We will give you valuable insights. We can provide opportunities for you to maximise and achieve your online presence and potential.

How We Achieve This

We realise the frustrations that many online retailers face. This can often be as a result of websites which have poor design. This can also be as a result of restrictions placed by their Content Management System. We work with you to overcome these issues. We will design you a bespoke Magento solutions based website. This will help you to achieve a better shopping experience for your customers. It also gives you better customisation with your website. We will work with you to achieve year on year growth for your business.
We can help you if your current system is preventing your business from growing. We can also work with you on a bespoke new project as well. We have a vast portfolio of Magento design projects. Our experienced team can provide you with design, development, and integration. We will also offer support for your specific project. We have a strong background in Search Engine Optimization. This experience will help to enhance your online presence. It also ensures you get a value for money return on your investment.
Our remote developers and Magento experts have a strong background in database development. They have developed for clients worldwide, and provide flexible service contract models.

Our Happy Clients

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Services We Provide

Bespoke Web DevelopmentBespoke Integration of MagentoIntegration of Magento Themes
Shopping Cart Integrations
Development of Responsive Magento Websites
Several Payment Gateway Integrations
Migration & Up-Grade of Magento Backend Development Development of Individual Modules
Migration from other platforms
ERP Platform Integrations
Solutions for Multi-Channels
Full Web Hosting Services
Regular Technical Audits
Control of Versions

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