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Network Installation

Whether you are a Start Up or large corporation, our network installation service can help your business

Network Installations

Here at The Forge Digital, we are specialists in the installation of network cabling. We provide a range of network data services. These include CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 and Fibre Optic Cabling. We service many businesses from SME’s to large corporate buildings. We can also provide network cabling for schools. Our range of services covers the whole of the UK. Our experienced technicians can offer a cost effective service. We always aim to provide a solution to suit your requirements and budget. We provide a high standard of work and quality installation. Contact us today for a no obligation free quote.

Our Services

  • Installers of Ethernet & Data Cables
  • Major CAT Cable Installers
  • Integrated Network Installations
  • Data Centre Installations
  • Fibre Optic Installations
  • LAN, WAN, & SAN cabling
  • Auditing, Testing & Fault Finding Services
  • Telephony Switch Installations
network 1 Network Installation The Forge Digital
network 3 Network Installation The Forge Digital

Tested Network Cabling

Majority of network faults happen because of lack of testing. These faults take place during initial installation. We test all our CAT cabling and fibre optic installations. A full test report and certificate is issued. Singlemode and multimode fibre is fusion spliced. This gives the best test results. It also complies with industry standards.

Network Design Services

We carry out surveys before any installation work. This covers any current and future requirements. Regardless of size, the design and implementation is the same. All our technicians are trained and accredited. We also offer the following data services

  • Fibre Optic Installations
  • Cabling between local communication cabinets
  • Storage for LAN, WAN & SAN
  • Structured Data Cabling Solutions
network 5 Network Installation The Forge Digital

Why Choose Us

We have many years experience in cable installation. Our experience ranges from both SME’s to large corporates. Our experience guarantees you will not experience any future problems. You will not experience any downtime to existing network infrastructure during installation. All our work is tested, and certified by accredited technicians.

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