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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Every day Google undertakes over one billion organic searches. It is important that you have an effective marketing strategy in place. To do this, it is vital that your website ranks high in Google search listings.
The Forge Digital have many years experience in dealing with Search Engine Optimization. We put in place all the necessary tools to rank you as high as possible in Google. Our team are aware of all the latest trends and changing algorithms.
We take a unique approach when dealing with SEO. We feel that end user experience comes first. We design bespoke sites with the user coming first. We make sure that they can find the information easily and efficiently. Providing quality and traffic and converting visitors is key to a successful website.
Our SEO services are bespoke to each customer. We build each package from scratch. We then customize them to meet your individual requirements.

Our SEO Services

Development & Optimization
Content is the most import factor when developing a website. Users search for topics or products and want the best possible choice of listings. If a website does not provide the information they need, they will go elsewhere. We create user-friendly content. Content is relevant to your business. This improves your marketing and social media plan. We optimize specific keywords you intend to target. This helps to improve your content.
Keywords need to be relevant to to the content you are targetting towards your customers. We have the experience using tools to ensure better keyword targetting. Through detailed reporting we can see how many keywords are searched by users.
Best Practices
We will work with you to use correct metadata. This ensures your data is implemented correctly and efficiently.
Social Media Metadata
We will help you improve click through to your site from social media platforms. We put in place social metadata. We use Facebook Open Graph Platform and Twitter Cards.
Analysis & Reports
We analyse the efficiency of our SEO strategies. We then provide you with detailed reports. These look at your traffic, hits, page views. By detailing a range of metrics, we improve your Return on Investment.

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Local SEO

We find a lot of smaller businesses prefer a local online presence. We will install a hyper-local SEO strategy for your business. Statistics show that 50% of mobile searches are for local businesses and services. We aim to ensure your business shows up locally on search engines. We will optimize your website to be as relevant as possible to customers in your local area.


We will help you boost your traffic and visibility on search engines. We achieve this by performing SEO audits on your website. We take into consideration many factors in our audit. These will include headers, links, metadata etc. We will provide you with a full report. This helps you to understand what you can do to improve your online presence. Our audits also help you to make sure that any changes necessary take place. They also help you to avoid any future mistakes.

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Extra SEO Services

Code Optimization
Programmatic SEO
Content hierarchy
Short & Long Term SEO strategy
Inbound link-building

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