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Should I Have A LinkedIn For My Business?

Should I Have A LinkedIn For My Business?

Many businesses are losing out by not having a LinkedIn company page. Research shows that whether you are a small sole trader, or a large company with a large workforce, a LinkedIn company page is a must for your business. It serves a variety of different functions and advantages. Lets take a look below at some of these advantages:

  1. It helps to showcase your business
  2. Giving admin responsibility to members of your team makes them ambassadors of your business.
  3. The various algorithms allow you to measure how effective your updates and posts are performing
  4. Get notifications when your company gets a mention.
  5. You can promote relevant news
  6. You can showcase any specialist services that your business offers.

Most user profiles are for individuals, and showcase that persons skillsets. They don’t however showcase the company that they work for. A vast majority of users follow other professionals or other companies for news and developments of that business.

When taking a look at a major global corporation who have a company profile with regular news feeds and updates, there are thousands of followers that will receive these updates from them. Think of how beneficial it would be to be able to reach so many users simply by having a company profile page.

If you share content, it is not only shared in the news feed of your followers, and should they like or comment, it is then shared with their connections also. The more engaging it is, the greater the reach. You should consider sharing a PDF, ebook, or website link. this will help increase your posts reach also.

It is important to note that unlike a personal profile, a company profile is visible to everyone. This will be ranked by Google, and will help to increase your SEO. The richer the content, the wider it will be seen online. Ensure that you use plenty of relevant key words to increase your page visibility in search results.

Your Employees Are Your Company Ambassadors

When an employee updates their “Experience” section, this automatically links to your company page. This is very beneficial, as it allows other users to immediately click on your company profile.

It is advisable to ensure that your employees have added your company page to their profile. This in turn allows users to click directly to your page.

You Can Measure Your Updates Effectiveness

When you post an update, LinkedIn will provide you with statistics based on that post. These include; number of clicks generated and the number of interactions your post has received.

These statistics are not available for personal LinkedIn profiles, and are only available for company pages.

Get Notifications When Your Company Gets A Mention

This feature allows you to receive notifications any time someone mentions your company from a LinkedIn User Account.

If your company name is typed in a post, it automatically creates a clickable link for users to then visit when a new post has been created with your company getting a mention.

Get Your Important News Promoted

Similar to other social media platforms, you can get your most  important news posted by simply pinning it to the top of your profile. This ensures that it will always be at the top of your news feed for visitors to see, until such time that you decide to remove or change it. This takes away the inconvenience of having to manually post at specific times of the day.

Get Specialist Services Showcased

Admins of a Company LinkedIn page can create Showcase Pages. These do everything as listed above, but do not have the Notification Feature. It is worth considering to have Showcase Pages if your company offers a wide range of specialist services which you would like to inform people about.

Should My Company Have A LinkedIn Page?

As I’ve described above, there are numerous benefits to creating one and I would recommend having one set up so your company can be found easily on LinkedIn and therefore, you and your team members.

Most definitely! There are so many benefits which we have listed above, and we strongly recommend you get one set up for your business.

Its a good idea to build up a good following, post regularly, and create content rich articles and posts which can be shared widely, and which can be used to increase your SEO rankings on Google and the other major search engines.

If you have any further questions, or would like any more advice, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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