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Telephone & VoIP Services

If you are looking to streamline your telecommunications, speak to us today for further information on how we can help

Telephone & VoIP Services

Here at The Forge Digital, we are experts in telephony and communications. This makes us a great choice for businesses to provide their telecommunications systems.
You can rest assure that we will take away the hassle of installation and operational costs for you. We provide a hosted service for your business. This allows you to take advantage of your existing set. It also gives you added flexibility and is expandable.
We will handle all your call routing and switching. We also take care of any maintenance involved. You can be safe in the knowledge that your system is monitored by our skilled maintenance team. Our support is all year round as well.

Excellent Quality

Our VOIP telephony system is an integrated solution. It unifies your systems. It gives your business the flexibility that it needs. It also reduces costs and helps to increase workload productivity.
We have a range of systems available. We offer free no obligation quotes, and can carry out a detailed analysis of your current system. Our systems are ultra modern, and ready to use.

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Integrated Systems

Choosing a VOIP telephony system from The Forge Digital gives you an integrated communications solution. It will unify your exiting systems. It can be linked to many sites. It can also help remote working. We will ensure there is minimal disruption to your business.

Our systems help to reduce costs by routing through your data connection. This removes the need for traditional telephony infrastructure. An ongoing support package is offered with all our plans.

Boost Your Brand Image

In these uncertain times, more and more employees are working from home. Our VoIP telephone is ideal for remote workers. It combines your phone system onto a virtual platform. We will host and maintain it.

Our range of systems will boost your brand image and awareness. It does this by giving the perception that you are a large organisation with a state of the art phone system. You can enjoy collaboration tools and softphones. You can also enjoy mobile clients and omni-channel contact centre facilities. You will also have as standard all the features of an on-premise telephone system.

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Benefits To Your Business

1. Costs: See the reduction in costs associated with a traditional telephony system.
2. Continuity: You can transfer calls to other phones including mobiles. Outages are non-existent when you use our hosted platform.
3. Flexible & Expandable: Flexible options and packages available, all at a low monthly cost. Make and remove add-ons as you need.
4. Simple Management: Dealt in-house by our experienced team.
5. Multi Site: One system is all that is required regardless of location or many sites
6. Enterprise Grade: You can enjoy collaboration tools and softphones. You can also enjoy mobile clients and omni-channel contact centre facilities.
7: Easy Integration: Your systems will be integrated. This allows for greater efficiency. It will enable your business to maximise the available platform.

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