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See how the World’s largest messaging service can benefit and streamline your business

WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp have a worldwide audience of 1.5 billion users. In India alone there are 200 million users. It is fast becoming the leading chat-app partner for businesses worldwide. It can be used for conversations and sending out notifications to customers. It can also be used to carry out transactions. It has many rich messaging features. These include images, emoji’s, location and files. Here at The Forge Digital, we can assist you in getting your business onto WhatsApp. This allows you to reach a far wider audience.

Our Business Services

Our advanced solutions are feature rich, and can help you to reach a wide audience.
1. Workflow: Utilise chatbots to gather information
2. Knowledge: Use AI to respond to your customers
3. API Integration: Integrate live systems to cater for your customers
4. BPA Management: Process automation with no coding needed
5. Chat: Offer live support to your customers
6. NLP Management: Offer free form conversations and interpret requests

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Benefits Of Using WhatsApp

1. Notify: Send out regular notifications for your customers
2. Execute: Carry out transactions. Reschedule deliveries etc
3. Retrieve: Retrieve Account Details, profile information etc
4. Interact: Help Customers with asking detailed questions

Rich Media Messaging

1. Images: All major image files accepted (.jpeg, .png etc)
2. URL Domains: Ability to share domains with or without preview
3. Audio: Send and receive audio files (.mp3, AAC etc)
4. Events: Utilise the events calendar keeping your customers up to date
5. Documents: Send and receive documents (.doc, .pdf etc)
6. Location: Share location details with your customer for venues
7. Emojis / Gifs: Share emojis and gifs with your customers
8. Text Content: Utilise many languages and display text in bold, italics etc

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Become A Verified Business

The Forge Digital will work on your behalf to get you verified business status. This means your business get’s the little green tick next to your business name. This appears when customers receive a message from you. When your account is verified, your verified name will appear in the chat screen. This replaces your telephone number in the chat screen. It is a prestigious mark to have. It verifies your business authenticity. It also gives you a trusted brand awareness with your customers

Vital Security For You

Customer privacy and security is very important to WhatsApp. All messages sent are encrypted with an end to end encryption protocol. This ensures that WhatsApp or any third party cannot access your messages. Only the sender and recipient(s) receive the message using an encryption key. All messages are covered by this encryption protocol. For extra security, users have the option to verify keys. This does not give WhatsApp servers any data access. Your messages are not stored when they are delivered. All data in the cloud are transient.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing the right partner to utilise the WhatsApp Business API is vital. We are an experienced partner to use. We have technical expertise which allows you to reach your customer with 24/7 support. We have over 15 years experience in delivering technology solutions. We are the first point of call for many businesses.

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