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Why Have A Custom Business System

Why Have A Custom Business System

Here at The Forge Digital, we have compiled a list of ten reasons why your business should have a custom business system.

1. You’re Using Many Software Pieces To Do One Task.

You are using many pieces of software to do every task. Isn’t there a better way to do it? Using several pieces of software to complete your tasks can and will affect your bottom line.

2. You’re Tracking And Analyzing Data By Hand.

Every business uses Spreadsheets. They allow you to track data in a variety of ways. But what if you are trying to collate all data using them. This could take up far too much unnecessary time.

3. You’re Doing Repetitive Tasks Manually.

Payroll, Invoicing and Inventory are all regular tasks. But human errors can and do occur. A typo or mis-spelling can cause untold problems.

4. Your Software Isn’t Scalable.

Being flexible in your business is key. With economic upturns and downturns happening daily, if your software is not scalable, then you have a problem.

5. You’re Always In Search-and-Test Mode.
There are many new software packages always being released. You have tried them all. Some are less than what you need. Others are complex, with features you will never use. Perhaps you are trying to integrate many pieces together to create a whole business solution.

6. You Need To Meet Compliance Standards.

Many industries need to be Government compliant. These compliances are very precise, and without the right software can cause lots of problems.

7. You Have Processes That Should Be Simple… But Are Not.

When a single action relies on many steps to complete, it’s hard to operate your business efficiently. How much time and effort does your staff put into these simple tasks? How could this be done better?

8. You Have Many Locations.

If you are operating at different locations, you will need to integrate all systems together. Many businesses use off the shelf softwares. This can cause problems when managing many locations.

9. You Have Lots Of Paper.

Many businesses, as hard as they try not to, have mountains of paperwork. Still, it’s possible to provide good customer service without mountains of paper. Get rid of the whiteboard, sticky notes, and printed dispatch reports.

10. Your Software Is Too Old.

The cost of software is very expensive. Many businesses will use them for as long as they can, even when they are obsolete. Out of date software leaves your business open to many vulnerabilities.
If you are in the position where you are answering yes to any of the above points, then speak to us today. Or visit here for more information.

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