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Why Use Cloud Hosting

Why Use Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting has many benefits. Here at The Forge Digital, we provide many types of Cloud Hosting. We have compiled five reasons why we feel it can benefit your business.

1. Security

You can prevent loss and malicious activity by storing data in the cloud. Using dedicated server hosting in the cloud helps to prevent cybercrime. End users still need to use the own password protection and permissions. By doing so, it helps eliminate human error, and cyber threats. It uses resources which can be taken on by local networks.

Another security reason to move to cloud hosting, is that data protection is handled by experienced engineers. They use state of the art security tools. They can scale your resources, and can offer extra security layers. The cloud server hardware is held in secure data centres offering a greater level of security.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud service options range from basic public packages to managed custom solutions. They are designed to meet your needs, and can easily be scaled to reflect changes.

Public cloud options are where many users share the same servers. These are provided by a remote host. Private cloud options are specific to just one user. Hybrid Multi cloud options are a mixture of cloud and local computing.

In line with company growth, you can scale your package to reflect this. You can have more storage, applications and services. You can also move to multi cloud solutions as your company grows to meet your ever changing needs.

Cloud Services are offered on a “Pay As You Go” basis. This makes it easier to pick and choose which services your business requires. This is not only cost effective, but gives you greater control over the services you choose to have. You only pay for the services you require, and don’t have any additional costs.

3. Data Backups

Storing your accounting software in the cloud is also advisable, as backups are always available. Should you have an emergency, they will always be there. Backups are automated and take place on a daily basis. this removes the pressure of having to manually make backups.

4. Savings

When looking at your current costs, when growth happens within your business, you need to expand your data storage. You need to consider your hardware costs. When choosing the cloud, you can greatly reduce costs with a simple monthly payment that puts you in control.
When you have to manage heavy storage and service hardware it can drain your finances. Offloading this will dramatically reduce costs and your overall investment into IT hardware. It will also reduce burdens placed on your IT team.

Your cloud hosting provider manage backups, maintenance, risk aversions and storage needs. This also ensures the uneccessary risk of using out of date expensive software.

5. Convenience and Collaboration

When data and applications are confined to local systems, access is limited to defined times and circumstances. But the cloud erases time and location constraints, so that data and services are available at all times, from anywhere in the world.

Any user with permissions and a connected device can access company data stored in the cloud. This makes it possible to collaborate across time zones and borders. It also provides round the clock customer service and fast responses to any situation.

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