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Whatever your requirements or team size, we got you covered with our expertise Woocommerce Training

Woocommerce Training

Woocommerce is a free open source plugin. It launched in 2011. It integrates to create an online store presence. It is used with the content management system called WordPress. It can be used for both small as well as large corporate merchant stores. It powers several large well known brands across the World. You can also integrate many payment gateways with Woocommerce. These include some of the most popular ones including Paypal and Stripe. It has a very user interface. You can sell physical as well as digital product downloads using Woocommerce. There are many extra addons which can be purchased to use with it, but these are usually chargeable.

Our Training Course

Our course is designed for both complete novices all the way up to experienced users. We know how important is for clients to be able to add new products. This is often at times outside of office hours. Having the ability to be able to do this yourself is imperative. Not only will having this knowledge help you, but it also helps to grow your business. Our course covers the following areas:

Understanding Woocommerce
Integration Woo themes for Woocommerce
Third party shopping carts
Product Information (weight, categories, shipping)
Setting prices and implementation of correct taxes
Setting up a payment gateway for your store
Customer Data
Understanding inventories
Creating featured products
Creating Up Sells and Cross Sells
Implementing Coupons
Understanding Reports and Statistics
Extra Settings
How to integrate other ecommerce systems

Our Happy Clients

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Benefits Of The Training

There are many benefits in taking our comprehensive Woocommerce training course. By completion, you have gained a full understanding in building an ecommerce website. You will know how to create a shopping cart, and set up a payment gateway. You will understand shipping solutions, taxes, inventory and featured products. Finally, you will know how to use third party ecommerce systems. All which will help you to develop your store into a profitable online business.

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Why Choose Us

We have many years experience in dealing with ecommerce websites. In 2018 alone, the stores we created generated over £10 million in revenue. We have a dedicated trainer who will be on hand throughout. They will provide you with all the necessary guidance in how to get started. Your trainer will also assist you with any queries which you may have. We have been delivering courses for many years. We take a very understandable approach to all our students. We realise that a lot of our students may never have come across the setting up of an online store. We work with you, and explain in detail everything that you need to know. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

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